Tadhg was a friendly lad with a score of fascinating anecdotes about Barcelona’s literary history, from Don Quixote and Sancho Panza to the writers of the Spanish Civil War. It was just my wife and I on the tour so it felt very personable as well. We would stop in one place, learn about its literary ties, and then have some time to let our thoughts wander as we meandered to the next place. An all around good time.

Michael – london, united Kingdom – May 2023

Tadhg is an exceptional storyteller who effortlessly kept us engaged throughout the entire experience. The tour itself was meticulously planned and executed, which is a testament to the amount of time and resources Tadhg invested in its preparation. As a literature enthusiast, having someone share their passion and knowledge in such a captivating manner made the experience even more enjoyable. Overall, it was a perfect experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates literature.

Karina – Toronto, Canada – April 2023

great tourguide who put a lot of information into tour. he is very knowledgable and fun to be with.
really great! go on this tour. you wont be disappointed!

Terri – Arizona, United States – April 2023

A very enjoyable literary tour, especially helpful for its insights into the literary history of Barcelona and as an introduction to Catalan authors. Well structured and delivered. Can’t beat an Irish guide!

Wesley – Ottawa, Canada – April 2023

Fantastic tour with some very fun stories of authors experiences in Barcelona. We went to lots of beautiful spots in the old city.

Benjamin – Texas, United States – March 2023

The tour was an excellent than I expected. Tadhg was knowledgeable, helpful, through, knows a lot more than available on the internet.

I’d suggest anyone interested in literature to take this tour and extended tour. What looks like a simple building and small alley in real world is full of fiction and our fav characters and authors roamed. The streets are full of shadows.

Krace – India – March 2023

Despite it being a rainy day, had a great time hanging with Tadhg and learning more about Barcelonas rich literary history.

Humayun – Toronto, Canada – March 2023

Tadhg was an incredible guide and very knowledgable about the literature as well as the history of Barcelona/Spain. I enjoyed the stories about Orwell and Hemingway and was surprised to learn quite a bit about their time in Spain. We chose to do the extended version because we felt like little historians taking it all in!

Emely – Maryland, United States – February 2023

Must do experience if you are in BCN… Tadhg makes you part of an incredible story telling journey around places you’ve frequented in the city already, yet, they find a new meaning!

Arpita – India – February 2023

Outstanding experience. Knowledgeable, friendly and accessible journey into Catalan, Spanish and International literature. If you like reading and history don’t miss it.

Julia – Sydney, Australia – February 2023

This was such an awesome tour! Tadhg was so knowledgeable and kind. This was such a great way to get to know the city and learn a lot about the many authors who were inspired by Barcelona. You’ll leave wanting to read more books! This is a must do!

Amanda – California, United States – February 2023

This was a great tour. Not only did I learn a lot about various authors, I got a good feeling about Barcelona and learned my way around. I saw places I would have never known about. Book it!

Dyan – California, United States – February 2023

This experience offered a unique perspective of Barcelona. Tadhg put in a lot of thought and effort into this experience. Well worth the time and price!

Nicole – North Carolina, United States – January 2023

A fun, fascinating way to explore Barcelona. Tadhg did a great job evoking the city’s past through the stories of the great authors that lived, loved, fought, and occasionally died here. Both erudite and accessible, highly recommended even if (like us) you haven’t read most of the works he discusses. Perfect for bookworms and curiosity seekers alike.

Jordi – Montreal, Canada – January 2023

Perfect for bookworms that are trying to understand how writers get inspired. I love every single one of the stops and can’t wait to read from the book list they sent me.

Inesita – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – December 2022

I would highly recommend this experience to any bibliophile visiting Barcelona. Tadgh was very knowledgeable and linked various places of interest to famous literary works. The tour was well paced and structured. The parting gifts, handmade bookmarks, were a lovely touch. Do consider this if you have some time to spare in Barcelona!

Uma – Singapore – December 2022

An intimate experience full of details, history and literary passages. Highly reccomend for anyone seeking to understand the city of Barcelona through the eyes of famous authors, artists and the Barcelona of the time they lived.

Tadhg is a kind and detailed guide who brought the city to life for me and my curiosity. I really appreciate his pacing and additional anecdotes. Highly recommend to anyone seeking a professional guide with a passion for literature and the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Cinthia – New York, United States – December 2022

Super interesting facts!

Cecilia – Barcelona, Spain – December 2022

I love Spanish literature and books set in Spain. This was a great way to connect with those works, learn about authors I didn’t know, and gain new appreciation by seeing the actual locations and hearing new stories. Tadhg is a terrific guide and story teller. Well worth it!!

Keith – Minnesota, United States – November 2022

If you love literature, you’ll love this tour, which will bring a new lens to looking at Barcelona!

Sanda – New york, United States – November 2022

I had the pleasure getting a private tour. As I am a book worm I did I enjoy this extraordinary walk through Barcelona. I had visited most of the sights on previous visits but with the literature background they got a different impact. Thanks Tadgh for offering this tour.

Mel – Bamberg, Germany – October 2022

If you like books and want to explore the city of Barcelona in a unique way whilst learning a little of the history then this is the best thing you can do. Tadhg was very knowledgeable and receptive to questions. After having been in Barcelona for a few days already there was so much I had missed. It’s definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had.

Siân – Oxford, United Kingodom – October 2022

Hands down, one of the most insightful tours in Barcelona. Through a literary journey it puts Barcelona into a perspective and suddenly you understand all the inspiration this city has to offer. Thank you Tadhg!

Güney – Izmir, Turkey – October 2022

Best tour in Barcelona! Tadhg is a really great guide to bring you the literature history closer.

Daniel – Germany – October 2022

Hands down the best tour experience I’ve ever had. If you’re in Barcelona you must go on this tour!!! If you’re into Bolaño (as I am) it’s worth the trip alone. I learned so much about old favorites and entirely new writers, especially Catalonian ones. Tadhg is so engaging and personable and knowledgeable about literature and Barcelona, and really made a point to understand my interests and show me related landmarks. It was so wonderful to converse with him about all sorts of topics as we were walking or having a refresher in between the literary stops! You should book this tour and have this fantastic experience for yourself 🙂

Yuqing – Chicago, United States – September 2022

You can find soooo interesting things in Barcelona related to many interesting books and authors. Thank you so much!

유진 – Korea – September 2022

This was so interesting to participate! I loved all the details Tadhg was telling and could explore much I had read about these literary heroes! Highly recommended!

Francis – Netherlands – August 2022

This was a very informative tour with a great bibliography to. accompany it. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the way Tadhg tied in the locations to numerous books, authors and history. Very well done.

Brent – SWitzerland – August 2022

Great host. Tadhg is extremely knowledgeable on Spanish history. It was eye-opening to walk through the historical neighborhoods and envision the events that took place. Tadhg had a long list of books which consisted of lots of famous authors. Amazing tour! I’m a big fan of Orwell and it was quite humorous to learn he had a pessimistic point of view.

Waheda – New York, United States – August 2022

This tour was amazing! The smaller group allowed for a very intimate yet informative tour. Tadhg is a very kind, knowledgeable and friendly guide. We felt like we made a new friend:)

Charles – Canada – JuLy 2022

Super friendly and informative. He gave us recommendations and a good first look at the city.

Bari – California, United States – June 2022

Yay thank you so much I had a blast prolly one of my favorite tours so far 😊

Wanda – Chicago, United States – June 2022

I highly recommend Tadhg’s tour! It’s very unique and he went above and beyond! I am so happy we went on this tour!

Abbe – New York, United States – June 2022

My friend and I are both writers and avid readers. We had a wonderful time touring Barcelona’s historic neighborhoods and hearing Taidgh’s anecdotes. He’s very knowledgeable and pleasant to be with.

Elliott – Montana, United States – May 2022

We had a very good experience with Tadhg. We met on time, and began the tour at the house where Cervantes may have lived. Tadgh had researched his topic thoroughly and is very articulate. We learned a lot about the literary geography of this wonderful city and, for example, visited the bar where Hemingway drank absinthe, and where Orwell fought and was injured during the Civil War. Also many of the places mentioned in The Shadow of the Wind, and novel that we like very much. Tadhg shared his enthusiasm for Catalan and Latin American writers and we learned a lot from him. During four hours we explored a lot of the city including the beautiful square by the Library, the Barri Gotic, La Rambla and El Raval.

Alyson – Conneticut, United States – May 2022

This is an amazing tour! We really enjoyed the whole tour with Tadhg. He is very structured in storytelling.
We really love Tadhg’s way of sharing his knowledge about Barcelona. In this 4 hours journey, we do not feel like a typical tourist but rather feel like hanging out with an old friend. Tadhg is very open-minded, knowledgeable and calm.
For people who do not know about Spanish and Catalonia Literatur, or about Garcia, Hemingway and Orwell, it is a great intro to get to know more.
For people who already have good knowledge of literature, it is great chance to know more about how these great literature work are related to Barcelona!
For people who are not into literature, this tour will give you a new angle of viewing Barcelona!
In the end, we enjoyed coffee together with Taghg. It is such a lovely, comfortable and informative afternoon with him!
I would recommend it everyone who visits Barcelona. You will not regret it!

Xu – Hamburg, Germany – April 2022

Wonderful way to discover new books and authors while learning about the literary history of Barcelona. Tadhg provide us with a unique and curated view of the city and his neighborhood. He was also happy to answer all of our questions about the authors, as well as his experience living in Barcelona. It was amazing to hear how passionate he is about literature and Barcelona.

Therese – Seattle, United States – April 2022

Highly recommended for readers! If you know the authors, you’ll enjoy seeing places associated with them. If you don’t know the authors, you’ll be inspired to read more. Tadgh is a good storyteller and obviously loves reading. He has put together a quirky and unusual way to look at Barcelona.

Nancy – Belgium – February 2022

This was a delightful experience. Tagdh is genuinely interested in the books set in Barcelona, and the many authors who have passed through Barcelona. Standing on La Rambla or in a narrow passageway, the books you have read – or now want to read – come to life. Time well spent!

Tim – Florida, United States – December 2021

While I’m not a big fan of Hemingway’s writing, I do love literature and Tadhg gave us a wonderful tour of all things literary in Barcelona. He touched upon many writers & places and introduced us to an incredible array of authors I had not yet explored. I would highly recommend Tadgh’s tour for anyone interested in Barcelona and understanding a view not always presented in guidebooks!

Ellen – Chicago, United States – November 2021

If you can read, obviously you’re reading this, but if someone is reading this to you, you’ll widen your reading journey to include wonderful Spanish authors. It is much more than learning about English speaking/writing authors. As you walk around this beautiful city you’ll learn about Spanish authors who’ve had a great impact on Spanish readers and fortunately their work has been translated to English. Tadhg (pronounced Tiig, like in tiger without the r) This Irishman expounds his passion for reading into a fantastic walking education. A must tour for readers.

Michael – Chicago, United States – November 2021

Tadgh’s tour was a really insightful, off-the-beaten-track activity to do in Barcelona that leaves you with the wish to explore further, read more (and/or again), especially books written by female Catalan writers, and walk through the city with your eyes open. I have lived here for 5 years and I learned new things today that made me appreciate the city even more. Thank you for the tour!

Katharina – Germany – November 2021

I keep talking about this tour with my friends and family. Tadhg was extensively knowledgeable and interesting. I felt like I was listening to a literature professor. Honestly, I think this tour changed the neurons in my brain forever. Now, I can uniquely picture all the scenes in the books he described. When I arrived home and reached my local library , I immediately requested four of the books he recommended. I only wish there was a Tadhg in EVERY city that could open my eyes to even more literary wonders.

Sarah – New Hampshire , united States – October 2021

I went on a literary tour with Tadhg expecting it to be just another generic walking tour filled with random disjointed facts but without context. However I came out from the experience with a renewed awe of the city as I managed to connect how these disparate group of writers and stories were able to collectively express and present the multilayered, complex and diverse history of Barcelona. This is, and what all literary or walking tours should be — allowing the audience to get closer to understanding the soul of a city — and Tadhg managed to hit that gold standard.

This is because what you get from the tour is not a dry rehearsed Lonely Planet or Wikipedia version of Barcelona — but rather a lively explanation of how literature intertwined with history, politics and society. What made it more special was Tadhg’s generous sharing of his own personal experiences of the city and his perspectives of the varied literary works. The experience was therefore very unique and personal, giving you more insights that guidebooks or self tours cannot replicate.

Edwin – Singapore – October 2021

I went on this excursion with my boyfriend who is from Barcelona and he says that Taghg has a very strong knowledge on Spanish and Catalan literature and a deep understanding of the Catalan civil war which is very helpful when learning about the novels written in Catalonia and Spain in the 20th century. My boyfriend and I went to a bookshop straight after the tour to buy the books Taghg mentioned in the tour. This guy will make you feel inspired!!! Strongly recommend!!!

Ilana – London, United Kingdom – August 2021

Tadhg was a great guide who came prepared and had a lot of fun details about the literary world of Barcelona I never even knew about. Do it!

Zoraida – New York, United States – July 2021

Great tour! Even after living in Barcelona for more than a year, I discovered so many new tucked away spots. Tadhg is very knowledgeable and brings the stories to life. Fun tour for locals and travellers alike

Nikki – United States – JulY 2021

I really enjoyed the tour with Tadhg! He is very knowledgeable about about Barcelona history as well as Barcelona-based literature. I’m a resident of Barcelona and learned a lot about the city I live in and the time flew by. I left with a lot of books to add to my list and it was really cool to learn about these the stops on the tour as they relate to different books! I would absolutely do this again with someone visiting Barcelona!

Laura – United States – July 2021

“Well structured chronological walk around Barcelona’s Gothic, Ravel, and Gracia districts focused on the settings of famous novels and the lives of the authors. Inspired me to add a few more books to my “to read” list. Great tour of Barcelona that incorporates history, literature, and points of interest.”

Sally – Florida, United States – July 2021

This tour did exactly what it said went beyond the better-known writers and locations and introduced me to lots of new and interesting facts and places. Tadhg is a very friendly and knowledgeable guide

Clare – Australia – September 2020

Tadhg’s tour was an exciting journey into the literary legacy of Barcelona. Staying true to his promise to go beyond Orwell and Hemingway, Tadhg introduces you to a variety of writers from different literary backgrounds, some of them international, some local, all of them having resided and worked in Barcelona at one point in time. Tadgh not only gave us an insight into their respective literary works, but showed us the spots where they lived, worked, drank, had their affairs etc. all connected with really interesting trivia about the locations and the authors. The tour is therefore not only a wonderful opportunity for literary enthusiasts, but also for people who want to gain an alternative perspective on the city, beyond Las Ramblas and the Sagrada Familia. I definitely recommend it.

Tobias – Germany – September 2020

I loved spending a few hours walking around the city with a fun & interesting angle. Barcelona is definitely a city full of litterary history. Especially loved how Tadgh tells anecdotes in a captivating way. A must do for all book lovers who are in Barcelona for a few days or much more!

Gauthier – Metz, France – July 2020

It was a really magical discovery for me, to meet Barcelona through the literature’s optic. I recommend this tour for everyone, the guide is passionate by the topics, so it provide us wonderful thing… A must to do.

Claire Marie – Lyon, France – July 2020

“Tadgh’s tour is great! It’s a unique way to connect with the city (past to present), the literature, and the authors. You’ll get a deeper insight into different parts of Barcelona, and leave with new ideas about things to read – or reread – and places to explore. It’s fun, you learn a lot, and Tadgh is very considerate of your comfort and the pacing. He also gave some very helpful recommendations about Barcelona that have helped me navigate my trip. I highly recommend this tour!”

Caterina – New York, United States – February 2020